Slab edge | Tie Beam (conrete wreath) with reinforcement

How to model slab edge that can be reinforced and used as a tie beam.

In this tutorial I will explain how to make a Tie Beam (reinforced concrete wreath) in Revit.


Isolate the floor model using temporary Isolate Option if you are inside complex model. In this video I am creating a simple floor so the isolate is not that important.

Architecture or Structure -> Floor -> Slab Edge. In the edit type make sure that the material is the same as the floor structural Layer, so later this two elements will join.

Place the slab edge by clicking floor edges. The best place to do it is in the 3D View.

If you want to change the profile or create a new one, select New->Family-> Profile family template. There you need to draw any shape you want, but it has to be a closed loop.

Before saving and loading into project remember to change function of this profile into Slab Edge. This will activate the Rebar Option in the Project envoirenment.

You will find this settings under Family Category and Parameters

In the properties of the slab edge you may find offsets and flipping options, so use them wisely to adjust the position of the profile.

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