Change Instance parameter to Type

Sometimes we want certain parameters to be type instead of Instance, so we can edit them more easily. I will show you how to “fix” an existing Revit family by changing parameters from instance to type.

I will base my example on the structural column. However this trick can be applied to all families.


1. Select family you want to edit and go to family edit mode.

2. Open Family Types window and modify the parameter by clicking a pencil symbol.

There you can easily decide whether this parameter is type or not.

how to change instance parameter to type in revit

3. Load it back into the project and test. .

Tip: Some parameters may not be changed to type. Especially if they are used in a formulas or complex families. Some families templates also enforce the Instance option to be active. It is hard to tell the exact rule behind it, so you should always check and test it.

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